ClickFunnels: The Ultimate Honest Review (2016)

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So way way back in 2014 internet marketing prodigy Russell Brunson revealed his new shiny marketing software, Clickfunnels. Given Brunson’s impressive track record (he sold over 1 million in his own product less than a year after leaving college) Clickfunnels has been hailed as the one stop shop for every digital marketer and it was launched with a huge expectation. So does it live up to that expectation?


On the other side of the coin we have Leadpages. For the past few years it has been the industry standard and the benchmark in terms of ‘easy to use’ page builders. Its CEO, Clay Collins is now slouch either.

So is ClickFunnels all it is cracked up to be? And how does it stack up against Leadpages?


So Let’s start with ClickFunnels:

The idea behind ClickFunnels is that even if you have no previous experience you can build a complete end to end sales funnels in minutes, all in the one place. They have tried to position themselves as the ‘Marketers Friend’.


The biggest attraction for most marketers is its simplicity. The fact the ClickFunnels allows you to avoid using multiple different softwares to build your funnel is a massive attraction for any building out multiple different funnels or building funnels for clients.


The alternative for most is to use Leadpages for landing pages and squeeze pages, Paypal shopping carts, Optin Monster for popups, Membermouse for a membership site maybe even Sendowl for digital product delivery or some other combination of software similar to this.


ClickFunels offers ready built & customisable funnels you can copy and deploy in in your business in minutes.


The standard funnels available include:

  • Opitn/Lead Generation Funnel: Usually to gather email addresses and grow your list
  • Sales page Funnel: A funnel which pushes traffic through a sales page to buy a product while simultaneously offering upsells/downsells depending on what action they take (ClickFunnels actually makes this super easy)
  • Webinar Funnels: Creates a funnel where the main objective is to get leads to sign up for a webinar and follow up with them depending on engagement with the webinar ( the follow up is key here!)
  • Membership Sites: Create a steady flow of revenue by creating a membership area where you can charge a subscription fee for access.  


These are just the basic funnels that which run out of the box from ClickFunnels. They also offer you the ability to build your own funnel from scratch should you wish.


From my experience so far I have to admit, it is has been one of the most user friendly pieces of software I have ever used.




For somebody just starting out or somebody who wants improved customization and ease of use, I would highly highly recommend ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels allows you to see any changes you make in  real time so as to avoid any nasty surprises.


You can really tell Russell Brunson has experience from the user side.


If you want to see the best example of what ClickFunnels is capable of, just check out their very own onboarding and Free Trial funnel.


How they do it:


You simply cannot but be impressed with how they have the whole thing set. It really is one of the best funnels I’ve seen out there.


Right from the get go they offer a Free “Funnel Hacker” T-shirt to anybody who signs up and watches the 3 introductory videos. This is a fantastic tripwire offer!


For any body who doesn’t know, a tripwire is an really low value, easy purchase/commitment a customer can make to get them into your funnel. It is the lowest possible value exchange you can make to turn somebody from a lead to a customer. ( more on this in a future blog post).


When you are ready to create your fist funnel you simply hit the Add Funnel button and you will be brought to the funnels screen.


If you’re not sure what any particular funnel does they have added an explanation tab for each funnel.


Once you select your funnel you’re shown a diagram of what your funnel will look like. Such as this sample below.


Funnel Diagram


For every page in your funnel ClickFunnels has a number of templates which you can choose from. And of course, if there isn’t a ready made template you like then you can build your own from scratch.


If you do wish to build your own page from scratch, ClickFunnels makes that very easy to do. It’s worth a mention that ClickFunnels page builder is very very similar to Leadpages ‘Drag & Drop’ builder.


Both platforms have a similar enough layout with the page broken down into sections. A normal page would have a Header, Body (Or multiple body sections) and Footer section.


ClickFunnels then allows you to break each section down into columns and rows for further customization.


Into each of these predetermined spaces you can add different widgets such as Text block, a headline, an image, a video a button. Whatever you want.


The ClickFunnels page builder is extremely user friendly.


For anybody that wants to add more advanced features there is also:


  • Custom HTML boxes
  • Survey boxes
  • FAQ boxes
  • Facebook Comment Boxes
  • Video Unlocker boxes
  • Pricing tables
  • SMS Signup boxes


One feature I noted that made the whole process very user friendly was when you hover your mouse over any element eg a box/element, section row etc it will be highlighted for you so you can see exactly what element you are editing.


This is a very clever design feature that takes a huge amount of trial and error out of page design.


Gone are the days of moving a slider or changing a color just to see what it was!


Absolutely everything in the page builder is customizable. Which is great.


Although Leadpages claim their drag and drop pages are fully customizable often elements like the background cannot be changed. Forcing you to keep the page a particular color or things like that.


With this in mind I would have no problem recommending ClickFunnels to beginner and experienced campaigner alike.




Clickfunnels Integration


ClickFunnels has its own built in affiliate software, Backpack which I haven’t tried yet so I can’t comment on this.


It also integrates with the two big hitter in email automation and CRM; Active Campaign and Infusionsoft along with the other usual suspects mailchimp etc.


In terms of Payments ClickFunnels is fully compatible with Paypal and Stripe. (I would recommend using Stripe if you’re not already)


Another handy little feature with ClickFunnels is that it integrates with Clickbank.


You can really see Bunsons affiliate marketing roots shining through in this little feature.

Good job Rus!



Dum dum dum,


Onto the more technical stuff.


In my opinion this is where ClickFunnels real hidden value lies.


So on top of allowing you to create each and every page in your funnel in one place ClickFunnels also provides detailed analytics of the performance of each page.


I cannot stress how useful this is!


No more guesswork when it comes to diagnosing a leaky funnel.


ClickFunnels Analytics


With ClickFunnels analytics you can see exactly where you might be losing leads or where the weakest link in your funnel is.


Then in a matter of minutes you can change the layout, change the pictures, add or remove elements or change the ad copy. Whatever you want.


If you really want to dive deep into optimization of your funnel you can also perform A/B tests on every stage of your funnel to ensure you are getting the absolute maximum from your funnel.


I absolutely love this aspect of ClickFunnels above anything else.


It is very rare that you get a funnel to work 100% as you’d like straight after you launch it. This feature make optimizing your conversions so simple that it no longer feels like the chore it used to.


No more switching between google analytics, leadpages reports (very minimal anyway) and pop up reports!


One thing I would change:

The Price…

If you’re reading this Russell, I’m sorry, I love your product, but it is a little bit pricey at $97 a month.


However, the more features I use inside ClickFunnels the less the price matters to me.


I’m almost at a stage where I’m actually saving money compared to my old set up as I’ve started cancelling some of the old software I was paying for because I don’t need them any more!


And to be fair, the time and frustration ClickFunnels has taken out of my life will probably add years on to my life !





If you would like to look at pricing in more detail, there is 3 packages.


Personal, Starter and Enterprise.


Personal is the cheapest at $37 a month but only offers basic optin pages.

You could get this and more on Leadpages for roughly the same money.


The package you want is the Starter plan for $97 a month.


At this price you get every available feature of Clickfunnels, you can create up to 20 funnels, include 100 pages and manage up to 20,000 monthly visitors.


This is what I use and I find it more than covers my needs.


Obviously I’d love the Bagpack and Actionetics features but at the minute I just can’t warrant upgrading to the Enterprise package.


With the Enterprise plan you also get up to 70 funnels, 300 pages and 100,000 monthly visitors. This will run you at $297 per month.


If you have the cash  would definitely go for it. I tried them out with a 14 day Free trial and oh lord god. Amazing!

So is it really better than Leadpages?


The simple answer, Yes.


But this is not a straightforward question either.


That’s not entirely fair on Leadpages.


In this case you are most definitely comparing apples and oranges.


clickfunnels leadpages comparisonchart-777x1024


Leadpages is predominantly a landing page/lead collecting software where as ClickFunnels is a complete end to end funnel builder.


If you were to compare both a price Leadpages would win hands down.

If you were to compare on features, easy of use, customize-abilty (not a word), and overall marketing power ClickFunnels would walk away with the prize every time.


If all you want to do is create a landing page and collect a few emails and you’d prefer to build the rest of your funnel elsewhere the Leadpages is probably what you’re looking for.


However if you want to really create integrated complete sales funnels for yourself or your clients then I would say ClickFunnels is the software for you!
Try ClickFunnels for For Free for 14 days at tell me what you think.


Additional Feature:

One feature that I almost forgot to mention is the you should really really be excited about is the ability to share your funnels! This is an absolute game changer for any of you marketing pro’s out there. Anybody who is part of any Marketing groups on Facebook or masterminds in any way shape or form can use this feature to share their best performing funnels with their peers or even share their poor ones so they can help identify what’s wrong.

I recently shared one of my best performing funnels with a group I’m part of to see what they thought. A few of the guys made some small changes to it and shared it back with me and now it’s converting 11% better than before! That’s massive!!




If you do nothing else I would say to you get a 14 Free trial with ClickFunnels, once you try it you’ll never go back to anything else.


Go forth and gather leads!

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